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Visual technologies

Modern visual technologies change the ways of doing business and communication. They bring benefit at all levels, from management with the goal of efficient business, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance costs, to employees and clients offering greater flexibility, opportunity for creativity and ease of collaboration.

The technologies necessary for digitalization are already in use in form of mobile devices, interactive solutions, video conferencing systems, digital signage solutions and numerous software for wireless networking and fast communication at all levels. They are applicable in various sectors: companies, cultural institutions, banks, state institutions, educational institutions, health care, hospitality, etc.

Corporate use

The introduction of advanced technologies into the corporate sphere has enabled many companies to start using advanced digital technologies. Visual technologies become part of every modern business environment, whether for presentations, corporate training, exchange of ideas or communication with colleagues and clients at a distance.

Interactive solutions are applicable throughout the organization, both in large corporations and smaller companies, from reception and conference halls to the tables of employees with the goal of increasing productivity and profitability. Professional monitors in a corporate environment are applicable for displaying products and services, as well as holding presentations, and an increasing number of software solutions promote collaboration, remote work, and various other benefits.


In the past years, parallel with the digitalization of banking, banks intensively work on the modernization of branch offices as well, in order to improve client information, processing of client requests and shorten waiting time. Traditional paper advertisers and old devices for displaying exchange rates are changed by modern Digital Signage solutions for distribution of content and dynamic information variable on a daily basis, such as exchange rate lists, weather forecasts, general information and current offers of banking products.

An important segment of modernization of branch offices is the introduction of interactive solutions for communication with clients that enable them to reach certain banking services or products by themselves without queueing.


The application of modern audio-visual technologies in the hospitality sector has increased significantly over the past years, as a response to the challenges of attracting and retaining client as well as the issue of staff training for operating often complex business computer systems.

Hotels, restaurants, conference halls and tourist attractions take advantage of new technologies. Interactive solutions are a simple and cost-effective way to improve overall user experience by providing information and services or communicating with clients and visitors in the form of an interactive digital signage application or an interactive info kiosk. In addition to video conferencing solutions and collaboration software, touch screen solutions are also used in conference halls for presentations and corporate training.

Shopping malls

In order to cope with the growing number of competitors, many shopping malls find new ways to attract and retain customers and clients. Digital Signage solutions, which provide greater opportunities for advertising, information, and updating content in smaller space and a more direct communication with clients, are present in almost every major shopping mall.

The use of interactive solutions is also increasing in this sector. Interactive POS provides more dynamics than traditional cash registers and reduces queueing time, and the info kiosk, in addition to informing, allows clients to perform simpler tasks by themselves, such as searching the warehouse, browsing catalogs or searching for similar products.


In order to maintain the number of museum visitors it is necessary to constantly introduce new, creative and dynamic solutions. With digital imaging equipment, it is possible to change real-time projections and instantly create new content. Projectors can bring a specific atmosphere into the space, as well as to project on 3D objects, or make 360 ° projections.

However, museum audiences require more than projection and informing. Introducing interactive solutions opens up a whole range of new features, from the opportunity for active interaction with the displayed content, via receiving feedback from the audience, to the possibility of installing intelligent cameras that display the content tailored to each visitor individually.

Public institutions

The use of visual technologies is increasing in public institutions from military, police, utilities, to government offices. In institutions where the accuracy of data received, fast processing and timely response is of key importance, the use of interactive technologies can greatly accelerate the operation of operators. An important segment are also software solutions and video conferencing systems that provide the possibility of direct cooperation between several institutions and operators for the most efficient operation in crisis situations.

New technologies found their place even in assembly halls for a more efficient voice counting system, or providing information through information kiosks.


Interactive solutions are an integral part of modern education at all levels. New tendencies in equipping classrooms lean towards complete digitalization of teaching tools. In addition to the interactive whiteboard, which is already a standard in this field, interactive monitors, video conferencing solutions, as well as numerous accompanying equipment and software for collaboration and creation of teaching materials are also becoming part of modern education.

Visual technologies in education change the classical passive form of teaching, giving more freedom, opportunities for engaging each student, more direct and interactive communication with teaching materials, which makes learning easier. Additionally, with educational software teachers have the opportunity to create lessons and access the world base of teaching materials.

Residential application

Advanced visual technologies have are applicable for residential installations as well. The TV, as well as numerous digital accessories, became part of every room.

Whether it’s home theater installation, security system, with careful design, planning and modern installations without numerous cables, it is possible to meet even the most demanding aesthetic and functional requirements of architects and clients.

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